The Ospiro Video Advertisement of 2017 was a video, distributed through the web service YouTube, which served as the main promotional material for Ospiro that year.

Description Edit

The ad consists mainly of various clips of stock footage accompanied by various words and phrases which describe the company as the 30 second Ospiro jingle plays in the background. When the tension of the suspended chord is relieved by the high D, an image of the sun slowly gives way to an image of the Ospiro sun, in the same location. The Ospiro sun moves to the side where is is then accompanied by the rest of the Ospiro word-mark. The company's motto, "Inspiring the Aspiring", appears word by word with musical cues, followed by the appearance of a statement encouraging viewers to visit the Ospiro website,, to see "just what we've got."

The following are the paradigmatic words which appear in the commercial, in order:

  • Beautiful
  • Disruptive
  • Game changing
  • Innovative
  • Visionary
  • Synergetic
  • Modern
  • Outside the box

Reception Edit

The ad received mixed reviews. Several criticized the ad of being completely meaningless and just being sprinkled with corporate buzzwords. One such critic even went so far as to parody the video. Others, including the official mouth of Gavster Universal, approved of the ad.