Ospiro Entertainment is the division of Ospiro which specializes in products which may entertain users. Its most notable creations have been Allways, a line of choose your own adventure games, and Nuke., a game describing the race to the nuclear bomb.

Nuke. Edit

Nuke. is one of the few products for which Ospiro charges. It is constituted of a deck of 80 cards which are distributed to 2-3 players. The players must then strategically play the cards so that they are the first one to deploy a nuke. The cards themselves are produced by Ospiriting, another division of Ospiro, and are marketed by Ospiro Networking through the website One such marketing technique was the creation of the slogan "The fast-paced, strategy-based, nuclear race game."

Allways Edit

Allways is an incomplete series of choose-your-own-adventure games by Ospiro Entertainment. Its first episode is to be "DAC, Inc.," which will be played through the internet. Despite the fact that it is the first product which Ospiro has ever worked on, Allways is still not a complete franchise.